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Mount Mappings

In 2013, the Sugarloaf Tower Company started building itself on mapping tower structures and antenna mounts.  Our extensive experience means that we know how to gather the information you need to keep your project moving forward.


Building Structural Mappings

Our experience working with engineering firms has provided us with the background knowledge to seek out the necessary structural details for a comprehensive structural analysis.

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Full Tower Mappings

Since 2013, the Sugarloaf Tower Company has mapped every type of tower structure.  From monopoles and guyed towers to complex self-supported towers, we know the details you need to analyze your structure.


Small Cell Solutions

In a time of rapid small cell development and growing DAS capabilities, we have adapted to the needs of our clients to provide what the market demands.  Our services can provide information beyond structural data to fill in the missing pieces of your small cell project.


Beyond Mapping...

Let our variety of background experience help you adapt to the needs of your customer.  TIA inspections, A & E site walks and vendor audits are a few of the additional services we can provide.  Contact us to see how we can help you accomplish your business goals.

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